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The Brennan Real Estate Groups helps small to medium size builders market and sell their development projects. We work with builders ranging from 1 to 25 home/unit developments. We can act as your sales staff and provide full service sales and marketing. Many times small builders don’t have the massive marketing and sales budgets, but they want to have the appearance of having a high end, well oiled sales machine... right? So we have multiple ways to structure the compensation to meet your needs and proforma.


  • Keats Place Point Loma - 4 town homes

  • Bellamar Point Loma - 16 luxury condos

  • Lowell Place La Mesa - 6 single family homes

  • Westlake Village - Encinitas - 5 single family homes

  • Bel Cielo Indio Ca. 23 single family homes

  • Villages of Avalon Perris Ca, 8 single family homes

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