The Marketing Difference
There are many Realtors out there and lots of choices. What is the Brennan Difference? 1. Method, 2. Marketing, 3. Connections. It all comes down to RESULTS for you. Read more below and watch this short video. Thank you!

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At the Brennan Real Estate Group we utilize two distinct methods to get your home sold. Both methods entail a comprehensive marketing plan and customized strategy to get you top dollar for you home. At Harcourts International, we have the unique opportunity to offer our clients the traditional method of selling your home as well as our traditional auction method. Don't worry, we don't sell distressed homes. This platform has been around more than 130 years worldwide and has a 93 % success rate. We conduct over 12,000 traditional auctions every year in the USA and around the world. Regardless of which method you choose, we will get the job done. There are benefits to both methods and we will give you details when we meet.

99% of the Realtors in the market today utilize what I call the 4's of real estate marketing. 1. PUT your home on the MLS, 2. PRINT out a fancy flyer and photos, 3. PUT your home on a broker tour, 4. PRAY people call to see your home. Does this sound familiar? This is a PASSIVE approach to marketing and is not unique. Anyone can do this. When you choose me and my team, you are going to get an ACTIVE and AGGRESSIVE approach. By using videos, PR campaigns, teasers, storytelling, Realtor events, social media, unique photography, circle prospecting and more, we are able to MAKE YOUR HOME FAMOUS and actively HUNT down the buyer for your home.

Having a Realtor who is well connected can be the difference in your home getting the attention it needs to sell, or sitting on the market waiting for a buyer to find it. Our database of influentials reaches local, national and global boundaries. From our Social Media, Videos, Email lists, Phone Prospects, Print Partners and more, We are focused on RESULTS. We are built with innovation at our core. The Team has developed marketing which reaches the global and tech-savvy buyer. By partnering with Harcourts International, the Team has been able to ensure that when your home is viewed around the globe, it is aligned to the most respected luxury real estate brand. Emotionally-charged videos, dramatic photography, public relations campaigns, TV and more reach out to some of the most respected influential people in the world. We make homes famous!

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