Harcourts Auctions
AUSTRALIAN AUCTION PROCESS. Harcourts is an Australian company who entered the US market in 2010. At Harcourts, we provide the seller two options when selling.... Traditional sale with a List Price or Auction sale with a bidding to start figure. Harcourts is the worldwide leader in Non-Distressed Auctions. Harcourts has been selling real estate for over 130 years and we conduct over 12,000 non-distressed auctions every year. Additionally, Harcourts is the 6th ranked real estate company in the world with over $33 Billion Sold every year. VIEW VIDEOS BELOW.

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  1. Visit www.HarcourtsAuctions.us.
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  • Seller reserve auctions. Seller maintains full control over price and sale of home.
  • Same commissions as a traditional listing.
  • Accelerated sales process with set sale date, multiple offers and competition.
  • No buyer premium. We don’t charge buyers a premium to buy or bid on your home.
  • MARKET VALUE. Our process is 130 years old out of Australia. We conduct 18,000 auctions ever year worldwide. Visit www.HarcourtsAuctions.us
  • 91% success rate in an average of 30 days or less.
  • A set sale date and business plan for the sale of your home. No more guessing.
  • No upfront marketing fees to seller.
  • Non-distressed luxury platform. We don’t sell distressed homes.
  • All due diligence completed upfront. Inspections, reports, etc. Minimal buyer contingencies.